Patent Law and Patent Administration

You have an ingenious idea and would like to protect it from being copied by competitors?

Burgstaller & Partner advise you on the invention, the protection of your patent and the enforcement of your claims.

The technical staff in the firm carry out research on the state of the art and inventiveness and check "freedom to operate" inquiries.

Central tasks of the invention department are the preparation of patents, the filing of documents at patent offices and the supervision until registration as a patent.

If there are any objections to the patent application, the lawyers take over the law firm and together with the technicians can guarantee a comprehensive representation of the clients.

In the event of objections or invalidity of applications, the lawyers in the office will work together with the technical department to ensure and safeguard the stock of intellectual property rights.

In addition to a research tool for market observation, the law firm also has a transparent trademark, model and patent management system, through which the maintenance of patents and the monitoring of renewal fees are handled.

Burgstaller & Partner work in close cooperation with DI Dirk Harms, European Patent Attorney, and Brian Hennessey, US Patent Attorney, who support the firm's Inventions department.

In patent matters, the firm offers a free initial consultation, which is often used by inventors.



FH-Prof. Dr. Peter Burgstaller LL.M.
Dr. Christian Hadeyer